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Tailored Success Strategy

Every partner is different, this is why a dedicated success manager will be assigned to you in order to find the best way for you to reach your goal on the platform. From best practices to product co-development our playbook is full of ideas and constantly enhancing itself.

Integrates With Your Existing Systems

Airshop integrates with your existing systems easily so there is a minimal friction when you decide to use our platform. In fact, our application can work as a standalone in any web browser if your store does not rely on a complex IT infrastructure.

AI Enhanced Conversions

Machine Learning allows us to suggest the best products to each passenger leading up to better conversion rates for all our partners. Our algorithm is constantly improving and benefits from our marketplace mass effect.

Early Passenger Contact

Whether you store is big or small, in flight or on the ground, hidden of exposed, you will benefit from the earliest possible contact with the passenger even is this means months or weeks in advance. This dramatically expands your conversion window and allows you to sell differently.